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Lessons Learned

Well, I have learned something important about myself over the past two days – I am not ready to give up splenda and dairy.  No, the weather is too cold and I need tea or coffee with cream.  I do think I need to limit the amount of them I consume, and I am going to continue to give up other processed foods (no more egg bowl at WaWa etc. with powdered cheese and reconstituted eggs).  I’ll try again for Lent perhaps when I am feeling a bit more in the mood to be penitential.  Oh well.

Plus – today is the feast of Christ the King and I am in serious need of dessert!!!  So there.  Happy Feast Day!


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I am becoming increasingly concerned that you are engaging in behavior that defies common sense and implies that humanity is on a downward spiral.  Take today for instance.  While participating in a common ritual known as, “weekly shopping,” I encountered several concerning scenarios.

Item #1 – Car Accident on the Highway.

Now, I acknowledge that I do not have the complete circumstances of the accident, although at first glance it certainly seemed to be a case of “dumbassdriveritis,” so I will not comment further on that.  The major problem lay in the fact that the entire highway (four lanes each side) of cars, upon seeing the pretty flashing lights, slowed to such a crawl that I found myself driving at under 35mph.  For NO GOOD REASON.

Item #2 – Trash in the Cart

Seriously, people!  Please return your carts to the proper place.  And when you do, remove your trash.  No one wants to have to try and avoid hitting a shopping cart while driving, and it is extra annoying to see said cart filled with empty coffee cups and pastry bags.  There are trash receptacles posted at the exits of the store.  Throw out your trash.  And don’t leave a shopping cart rolling around in the freezing rain.

Item #3 – Stop Filling Your Hyperactive Children Doughnuts

Or at least wait until you are home and safe from public view.  I don’t like being almost run over by your kid.  I cut kids a ton of slack, I really do, but I don’t want to see your darling licking sugar particles off his fingers while bouncing off the walls.

Item #4 – Stop Eating Crap and Calling it Healthy

Sorry – pet peeve here.  Sugar is bad.  I don’t care if your cookies are fat free.  Sugar makes you fat.  And those “guiltfree” cookies taste gross without butter.

Item #5 – Car Accident on the Road

Hey, I don’t know what happened here.  I do know that if you are a bigasstruck  you should not block the only route past the accident so that everyone else must wait until the tow truck arrives and safely tows the cars away.  I saw you.  You didn’t have to block that road.

Well, that’s all for today.  Hope you make it until tomorrow at least, but………based on the evidence it seems unlikely.

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I wanted to take a moment to make a firm re-commitment to blogging and also to update a previous post regarding my diet*.

Starting tomorrow I will post something every week day for the next 27 days (that is the number of days from now until Thanksgiving in case you were wondering).

That takes care of the re-commitment, so now for the update!

When last we spoke, I was eating low-carb.  I started eating a pretty strict Atkins diet but that has morphed and changed as the months have passed.  Having such a strong physical and emotional reaction to the foods I was eating and the changes I had made in my diet I grew to have a strong interest in nutrition and subsequently spent many hours perusing the internet for stories like mine and the science behind them.  To no great surprise, I found them.  I found them in everyday low-carbers’ blogs and forum posts but I mostly found them in this crazy thing called “Paleo.”  At first I dismissed it, because could anything even sound more faddish?  Honestly, it looked pretty much just like low-carb but snobby.  You know, “Oh, we don’t eat grains and we only eat high quality organic pampered grass-fed beef.”  etc.  And yet…….there was something about it that made sense.

The basis for the Paleolithic diet (and there are many incarnations) is that in times past when Man survived as a hunter-gatherer and before the advent of agriculture, the main sources of food were plants and animals.  You ate what you could catch and what you could forage.   And while the average lifespan was lower, this was due mostly to illness, accident and infant mortality.  They were healthy.  They could travel long distances and sprint after (or from) animals.  It was not until the agricultural age that we saw things like tooth decay, heart disease and shorter stature.  Now here’s the thing, you don’t really have to buy into the anthropological details because there are a ton of people living this way now and it is working for them.  I’ve read the literature, I’ve read the testimonials, I’ve listened to the podcasts and I am convinced that this is the way we are supposed to be eating.

SO – I’m doing it.  I will be follow the Whole30 Challenge and from now until Thanksgiving (27 days) I will be modifying my diet, which already consists of no grains, no sugars and no legumes to also eliminate dairy, artificial sweeteners, any remaining processed foods and alcohol.  I am open to the end result.  Will I feel better?  Will I perform better in the gym?  Will I break this mini-plateau of weight loss?  Or will I just feel deprived and return to my current norm?  Stay tuned!!

For your reading pleasure, here are some resources I have found helpful along the way:


The Primal Blueprint

The Paleolithic Solution

Everyday Paleo



Make It Paleo

Paleo Comfort Foods



Primal Blueprint Quick and Easy Meals



Mark’s Daily Apple

Paleo Parents

Balanced Bites

The Food Lovers’ Primal Palate


*Diet meaning the way I eat now, not a temporary measure to lose weight.

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