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So excited to take part in this!  So without further ado, lets begin….


We decorated everything (including the chairs) for Rebecca’s “Fancy Nancy” birthday party this past weekend.  Can I just say, I love Fancy Nancy and I think, from what I have read thus far, she is a lovely inspiration for all things girly.  My girls simply adore her.



There is really nothing happier than this baby in a bath.  He’ll do pretty much anything to get in there!  (more on that later)




Can you see his reflection in the clock?  He was cracking up laughing, watching me take a picture. 


Well….no picture.  Because our reality today?  You DON’T want a picture.  Trust me.  Let’s just say there was a very stinky reason the boy had a bath today.


Thanks for reading!  Now get over to Like Mother, Like Daughter and read some more!  And read Like Mother, Like Daughter too.  I love that blog!


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For years my mother has told me that white food, i.e. bread, pasta, potatoes, sugar etc. was what was making me fat and depressed.  I didn’t want to believe her.  To believe would necessitate change and I was not going to give up my pizza and pasta and foot long subs.  Not even if it killed me.  And yet…..

One day I found myself a wife and mother to four young children.  My husband is a good man.  My children are good children.  Oh, of course they have their moments, all of them, but in the grand scheme of things I had it pretty good.  But I didn’t think so.  I was desperately unhappy.  I blamed everyone else for my constant anger and debilitating anxiety.  When I was younger – in my early twenties – I was happy (I believed), I was outgoing and dared to show my personality.  As I got older (and met my husband) I began to shrink into myself and lose all the things I thought made me special.  Oh, I could play the part fairly well.  No one in the family was organizing an intervention or anything and because of this I was able to create a fantasy where everyone else was the problem and I was the victim.  Eventually though, I began to see the situation more for what it was.  Yes, I should discipline my children, but screaming at them from the couch (where since I had zero energy…their fault of course…I stayed most of the day) was not the answer.  Sure, my husband should do this or that around the house, but did he really deserve the cold shoulder and constant drama I was creating in our lives? 

So I began to pray.  And Lent came and I prayed some more.  As Easter approached I began to pray for an Easter miracle.  A resurrection of sorts – not of the body, but of the soul.  I begged the Lord for the answer that would change our lives and the communal life of our family.  And as Easter approached, he gave me the answer.

Give up white food.  Give it up and don’t look back.

“NO, LORD!” I cried, ” Not my pizza and pasta and ice cream!  Not my brownies and cupcakes and fresh biscuits slathered still warm with butter and honey!”

But yes.  There it was staring me in the face.  How could I beg for an answer and refuse it when it came? 

I gave in.  I gave it up.  And within a week I was off the couch.  I was smiling and singing.  Some habits gained during my days of darkness will take longer to eliminate, but I know now from whence my trouble came and I am not looking back.  Many have questioned my decision.  They say it’s too hard, that I will eventually give in and that it isn’t healthy.  HA!  I have lived in the dark and come into the light and I will not give it up again.  Deo Gratias!

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