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>Today I was in the pits of dispair. I purchased a lovely lime green tshirt for Rebecca yesterday to wear under many of her spagetti strap dresses* and of course she wanted to wear it today. That was fine. Except that I let her have grape juice with her lunch. Yeah, purple grape juice. Well, you know the rest of the story.

Devastaed (well…severely annoyed) I scoured the internet looking for a failure proof solution….

AND….I found it!

To take grape juice out of fabric, pour hydrogen peroxide over the stain (the fabric can be wet or dry) and let it sit for fifteen minutes. I tell you! Every last bit of grape juice is GONE!


Just wanted to share my joy 🙂


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>Well, Lent is over and we are finally celebrating Easter. We have moved from a state of denial strait into a state of indulgence which has caused me to think. Am I indulging or overindulging? What *is* moderation and what does it look like day to day? It occurs to me that most of society (myself included) generally maintains a state of indulgence to overindulgence so that what we call denial might really be closer to moderation. People spend an incredible amount of money on sugary snack foods, desserts and super sizing their fast food.

Let’s assume that moderation is three square meals a day, maybe a couple of snacks with an occasional treat. Indulgence then is the same, perhaps a second helping at the dinner table and an extra treat or two. Overindulgence is eating way past full and partaking of foods with little to no nutritional value.
I definately have falled on the side of overindulgence in every day life, so after reflecting on all this, my goal is to stay closer to these desiganations within the Liturgical seasons (i.e. Feasts = Indulgence, Ordinary Time = Moderation, Pennitential = Denial). Right now we are in the season of feasting and that means I can indulge to my hearts delight. The trick will be not to go overboard. This also means that I can gradually work myself into this new way of thinking.

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