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>The Tale (tail?) of the Cat

>We are in Massachusetts visiting my parents. One of the best things about having my kids here is that I can share with them all the places in Needham that I enjoyed growing up. The DeFazio Tot Lot is definitely one of those places.

So on Tuesday we headed out. It was a gloomy day with little spits of rain now and then, but the kids had been cooped up for a while so we bundled up and set off. The place was deserted and the kids had the run of the equipment. Because the entire playground is fenced with only one entrance I did not have to keep my eyes on them at all times and could relax a bit. They played contentedly for about an hour when suddenly Jack ran to me crying and disturbed.

Now, Jack, for all that he is an adventurous boy, is a bit of a chicken so I admit I wasn’t overly concerned. I asked him calmly what was wrong and his only reply was to look over his shoulder while making a little whiny-cry. I looked and trotting after him was a little white and brown cat. Aw, I thought, a sweet little kitty. Well, the sweet little kitty was disturbing my happily playing brood, so I decided to take charge.

“Shoo, shoo! Get away now!” I said firmly (hoping my children would learn from my not scared but authoritative attitude toward this benign little animal). But the cat didn’t move. Instead it reared up and started batting at the straps of the Ergo where Helen was strapped in. Hmmm…that wasn’t quite what I expected. Perhaps this kitty was a little overly friendly. Well I knew that wouldn’t fly with my kids and we had been there a while so I decided that this was a sign we should head for home. (Rebecca had already run screaming toward the exit at this point anyway)

“Let’s go,” I said and we started towards the gate and the mini-van. I used the remote to open the passenger side door and Rebecca hopped quickly in. Jack stayed behind (brave boy!) to close and latch the gate of the playground. In retrospect this was not a bad thing to do. Little friendly kitty was close behind. He also hopped in and I shut the door without strapping them in. Kitty had cleared the fence and was coming up fast. While moving around to put Helen in her seat I was already unbuckling her from the Ergo. I also put her in her seat without strapping her in and as I closed the door the friendly little kitty jumped up on the roof the the minivan, looked down at me and Hissed!

Needless to say I had gone from mildly concerned to fairly alarmed. I could see that opening any doors would entice the not so friendly kitty into my van, so that was not an option. I did what any good Mom would do. I lured the kitty to jump off the car towards me while I ran around the back of the van and jumped into the front passenger seat and quickly shut the door.

WELL! As the door shut that beast jumped on the hood of my car, ran up to the windshield and started pawing to get in. The beastly cat prowled all around and on the car (and yes I have the scratches to prove it), on the hood, on the roof trying to find a way in. It was about 15 – 20 minutes all told before the cat ran back into the woods. I tried to get pictures with my phone, but the light and glare from the window were not cooperatiing.

When we finally got back home I called animal control. It turns out that we are only one of several families that have been chased away by this cat. Every time the AC officer goes to check it out the cat is nowhere to be found.

At least they will always remember their visit to the Tot Lot!


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>It’s over.

>Kyrie Eleison.

Christe Eleison.

Kyrie Eleison.

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>Tomorrow marks the end of Daylight Savings time and all over the country people will be getting up at the wrong time, missing Mass and spending days trying to normalize their children to a new bedtime schedule. This will not be happening in our household. You see, we never switched to Daylight Savings time. We have been living on Standard time for a full year now.

If you read the Husband’s Blog you will know all about our venture into a life of Standard time. Because he is a man who makes a decision and sticks with it, as far as he was concerned, there was never even a possibility of going back to following Government appointed time. I, on the other hand, viewed this as an experiment. I would willingly give one year of my life and the lives of our children to this…shall I say it?…absurd yet attractive idea, but if it didn’t work out I was determined to fight my way back to a life of Government determined time.

The verdict? I actually love my life on Standard time. It’s honestly hard to define why except to say that it just feels right. And now there is a huge benefit: our family has zero adjustment time needed to move from today to tomorrow. Our kids are going to bed tonight at 7pm and when 7pm rolls around tomorrow it will be the same 7pm as the day before. (got that??) When we get up in the morning at 6am there will be no disorientation. We got up at that same 6am yesterday and the day before that.

Now my Husband will tell you that although that certainly is a benefit to living on Standard time year round it is not the reason we do it. Okay. I just know that I feel a certain freedom having sidestepped the Government’s plan to change the clock simply so we can spend more time (and money!) on commerce.

A side note that while I am not afraid of being late to any appointments coming up, I am a little concerned about being early. I have gotten very used to taking the time people tell me and shifting it back an hour. Oh well!

Happy Synchronization Day!

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