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>New Books, HOORAY!

>Why do I love old books? They just appeal to my senses. The smell, the look, the feel (okay, I’ve never tasted one!) and the words all come together and create a positive experience for me. They reflect a simpler time where “teen romance” didn’t mean graphic sexual situations and children’s stories were not politically correct (this is not to say I do not strongly object to negative stereotypes and borderline racist material, but there is no false pandering to special interest groups).

Today I went scouring the area for some new “old” books and here’s what I found:

The Silent Readers, Fourth Reader by Lewis and Rowland Copyright 1927
Voyages in English, 4th Year by Campbell and MacNickle Copyright 1951
Science For Modern Living Volume 1: Along the Way by Smith and Clarke Copyright 1951
Three Friends, Health and Personal Development Program by Montgomery and Baruch Copyright 1954
Enchanted Isles, Treasury of Liturature – Readtext Series By Johnson and Jacobs Copyright 1954
Workaday Lady by Maysie Greig Copyright 1934
Doctor’s Wife by Maysie Greig Copyright 1937 (I think these are romance novels, hee hee)
We Sing of Our Land (Part of a Music Series for Catholic Schools) Copyright 1960

And the total came to under ten dollars! Woo-Hoo! Now if I could only find a place to put them. *sigh*


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>I Love Him

>I love the Husband. Here are five reasons I am grateful for him today:

1) He works so hard so we can raise our children the way we feel is best
2) He buys me ice cream (even though sometimes it’s the wrong kind)
3) He’s a great daddy
4) When he says he will do something, he does it (eventually)
5) He washes the big pans 🙂

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>I hate cleaning

>Yes I know I previously posted about how much I love cleaning now…I guess it’s better to say that cleaning and I have a love-hate relationship. The act of cleaning is so satisfying. Watching grime (you see how much I actually do it) disappear with a little effort is a beautiful thing. And you can’t beat the end result. The gleaming counters, the shiny floors, the non-moldy shower stall…just wonderful.

The problem comes from living in a four person household where three of the people don’t really appreciate (and honestly how could they?) the beauty, the wonder, the glory of a truly clean house.

Senario #1: I have just tidied and vacuumed the living room. With a cracker in one hand and a yogurt in the other, Master J pulls all the books and CD’s off the bookshelf spreading clutter, crumbs, and wet sticky goo all over the clean floor (yes, he has three hands, LOL!)

Senario #2: I have live through senario one and although tears threatened, they do not appear. At that moment the Husband walks in the door and says, “Ugh. This place is a disaster!” while giving me a look that clearly says, “What does she DO all day?” *sigh* It’s not his fault, under the circumstances I’d think the same thing.

Senario #3: The kitchen is gleaming. The sink is blessedly empty. The Husband arrives home and dumps his empty leftover containers in the sink while leaving trash on the counters. When asked if he could rinse his containers, put them in the dishwasher and throw out his trash a heavy sigh and a grumble can be heard.

Senario #4: I am CLEAN! I have managed a shower. My body smells like raspberries and my hair is soft and shiny. Within five minutes, Miss R, with no provocation I might add, spits up all over my shoulder and hair and once again returns me to a state of stinky milk and hard matted hair.


I dream of having my own separate house that I can keep clean. Where no one is allowed to cook or play or breathe. I totally get people who have “company parlors” where no one in the family is allowed to go. I want one. I WANT ONE!

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>While I was posting before, Master J was upstairs being too quiet. I ran to look and he has defeated one of my homemade mind-saving child proofing designs. Currently he is taking every single book out of my bookshelf. *sigh* WHY ME??? WHY TODAY??? (as if tomorrow would be any different *giggle*)


I am Grateful for my children!
I am Grateful for my children!
I am Grateful for my children!

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>Mantra for today…

>The children will not actually drive me insane.
The children will not actually drive me insane.
The children will not actually drive me insane…right?

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>Didja see this article? Wouldn’t you hate to be the guy who lost that???

Big Important NASA guy: Ah, Jim, we were just looking for the moon landing tape and it looks like you had it last. Do you know where it might be?

Jim: I put it back in the files!…I’m sure I did!…i must have…right?….

BING: Well, what did you file it under then?

Jim: Was it “M” for moon? or “L” for landing…hmmm…”M” I think…pretty sure…let me just, uh, check my desk for something…the tape? no, no…something else…yeah, that’s right…

Doesn’t this totally support all the crazy conspiracy people who claim that there was no landing and that it was a doctored film? Hey…maybe they’re right after all…

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>Day of Rest

>With my foot already on the mend, the Husband decided to give me a “break” and take Master J to the beach for the day (aparently the day now begins at 7am and ends at 1pm…whatever). Since I can walk normally now and am having no problems carrying Miss R, I agreed and decided to kick back and relax.

’cause that would be the smart thing to do!

But of course I actually decided to spend the morning catching up on laundry and cleaning the kitchen. (not to mention bathing Miss R, putting together a picture collage, putting together our crockpot dinner, repackaging and freezing a family size package of chicken breast, and straightening and vacuuming the living room all before noon! woo-hoo!)


What is WRONG WITH ME?? A friend (who does not yet have children) just pointed out that pre-children I would have insisted on having a cast just to GET OUT of HAVING to clean the kitchen. And she is so right. The difference is that with a toddler and all his stuff and all the chaos he lovingly brings to our lives, I have begun to cherish the clean, clutter free spaces in my home and in my life. I think I will always hate cleaning the bathroom, though, and I still make the Husband do that!

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